Jorma Etto, “The Boys”

purple swirl


Naapuri löysi unohdetun helmen, sika sen söi,
jonkun sanottiin tavanneen aarteita arkun.
Me pojat kynsimme kepillä multaa,
siinä oli siemenen ja lannan haju.
Me pojat emme uskoneet taruihin
joita emme keksineet itse.


The Boys

A neighbor found a forgotten pearl. A pig ate it.
They said someone had discovered a coffin’s treasures.
We boys plowed the dirt with a stick.
It smelled of seed and manure.
We boys did not believe in tales
We did not concoct ourselves.

Source: Jorma Etto, Ajastaikaa (Porvoo–Helsinki: WSOY, 1964), p. 37. Photo and translation by Living in FIN

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