Eeva Kilpi, “Our Dead Speak to Us through Our Senses”


Runolaituri (Poetry Platform), Jäppilä Cape Road, Imatra, South Karelia
Runolaituri (Poetry Platform), Jäppilä Point Road, Imatra, South Karelia

Our dead speak to us through our senses
as the marsh respires
reeks and squelches
bubbles and blooms
proffers its berries
and carries the bear.

Like the wind passing over the marsh
Lulling the cottonsedge as far as the eye can see
So our dead are present
in our soul’s
drowned plants are swaying.

Our dead are rooted in us
they rest in us
our soul is heavy with drowned snags
and perhaps fruitful
perhaps in its cavities something forms a chain
and something invisible to us
surreptitiously proffers its purpose
(what relief)
is none of our business.

Eeva KilpiRecent Poems, 1996–2000

Translation and photos by Living in FIN

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