Hannu Salakka, “Evening”


Jokaiseen ääneen vastaa aina jokin toinen ääni.
Sinä vain olet nyt yksin;
lintu lentää ikkunaan.

Mietteliäät pilvet painuvat maailman ohimoille.

ilta paino



Every sound is always answered by some other sound.
Only you are alone now;
a bird flies in the window.

Pensive clouds press down on the world’s temples.


Source: Hannu Salakka, Kuin unessa viipyen (Otava, 1990), p. 380. Translation and photo by Living in FIN. The award-winning Finnish writer Hannu Salakka died seventeen years ago today, at the age of forty-eight, in Kangasniemi (South Savonia, Finland), near where the photo, above, was taken.

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