Finnish Paper Makes the World Go Round

The Anjala Estate, the Inkeroinen Cardboard Plant, and the Anjala Paper Mill on the shores of the Kymi River near Kouvola, Finland. Photo courtesy of Museumvirasto

If you are reading this review in the print edition of the LRB, you are holding pages made from paper manufactured at the Anjala Paper Mill, which stands (and has stood since 1872) on the Kymi River near the city of Kouvola, in southern Finland. Here, wood (generally spruce) from sustainable forests is made into pulp to which starch binders are added. The paper is coated with a mixture of clay and calcium carbonate. Its name is StellaPress HB: it is matt with a light coating which helps ink brightness and readability, and also gives (try it now) that smoothness to the page.
Adam Smyth, “Ropes, Shirts or Dirty Socks,” London Review of Books, 15 June 2017

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